Integrity Dialogues (Paperback)

Integrity Dialogues (Paperback)
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Integrity Dialogues: An Indigenous Ethics Guidebook for Bodyworkers.

This is the first book of its kind to offer, not only "Codes of Conduct" towards Clients, including Celebrities, but a special Spathenticity section that teaches (Spas & Massage Therapists) the ethical/cultural/spiritual realities of 'commercially-marketing' Indigenous Healing practices. You'll learn the value of Indigenous Healing contributions, and how to create your own 'code of indigenous ethics'... one that respects and preserves sacred rituals, native healing traditions, ancient wisdom, our natural environment, and symbolism. This book shares 'best' practices, transforms consciousness, and helps end cultural ignorance. Now, you can better identify and correct marketing mistakes, errors, omissions, and inaccuracies, found so widespread, in today's Spa treatments, Spa Menus, Health & Wellness Publications and Native/Natural Product Advertising.

ISBN: 0-9741741-6-5 (Retail Price: $15.95).

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