Module 2: The Paradox Of Passion

Module 2: The Paradox Of Passion
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  • Paradox 1: Your passion is awesome, but you can’t seem to find “paid” work in it.
  • Paradox 2: You share it with friends, but lack confi­dence to share it with the world.
  • Paradox 3: You support the talents of others, yet doubt your own excellence.
  • Paradox 4: You invest in others, but doubt they would ever invest in you or your work.
  • Paradox 5: You know how to market your regular job, but not yourself.
  • Paradox 6: You make excuses, criticize, or blame others for your life’s circumstances.
  • Paradox 7: You do not consistently charge for your Life Passions.
  • How to integrate The Law Of Attraction with the seven principles of Huna: `Ikewe make our own reality, Kala—all change is possible, Makia—energy flows where attention goes, Manawa—now is the moment of power, Aloha—to love is to share the happiness of the breath of life, Mana—all power comes from within, and Pono—harmony is a measure of truth. (see Module 5).
  • QUIZ [Fill-In]

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