Module 5: Huna (7 Principles For Abundance)

Module 5: Huna (7 Principles For Abundance)
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This (downloadable) E-Course Covers:

  • How Your Life Passions Can Pay Your Bills
  • A Passion Contract
  • The 7 Paradoxes of (Life) Passion
  • Create Your Life Passion [$$] Action Plan with 7 Huna Recipe Ingredients
  • The 7 Spiritual Huna Principles:
    • `Ike We Make Our Own Reality.
    • KalaAll Change Is Possible.
    • Kahea (Hawaii forgiveness Project)
    • Makia Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.
    • ManawaNow is the (only) Moment of Power.
    • AlohaLove and “Ha” Breath of Life.
    • ManaAll Power Comes from Within [Energy].
    • PonoHarmony is a Measure of Truth.
    • QUIZ [Fill-In]

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