Your Life Passions Can Pay Your Bills (Paperback)

Your Life Passions Can Pay Your Bills (Paperback)
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Your Life Passions Can Pay Your Bills: [Find Out How] ...
Learn to create a Life worth living, with passion-igniting tools and resources to help like: Follow Your "Bliss" with this Spiritual Action/Marketing Plans to jump-start your Passion(s). The contents of this book are based on the Law of Attraction, Ho`oponopono (Hawaiian Forgiveness Traditions) and Huna (hidden or secret) is an Ancient Hawaiian Shamanic Practice that can heal your Mind, Body, Soul, & Spirit, using these 7 Universal principles. 

  1. `IKE: The World Is What You Think It Is.  
  2. KALA: There Are No Limits.  
  3. MAKIA: Energy Flows Where Attention Goes
  4. MANAWA: Now Is The Moment Of Power
  5. ALOHA: To Love Is To Be Happy
  6. MANA: All Power Comes From Within
  7. PONO: Effectiveness Is The Measure Of Truth.

ISBN: 978-0-615-76781-9  (Retail Price: $19.95).

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